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Within the activities of the World Radio Day, Media Sac for Media and Development presented a honorary shield for Al Mukalla Radio in appreciation of their distinguished and tangible efforts in the field of media in Hadramout Governorate.

At the beginning of the meeting, Areena Omar, CEO of Media Sac, expressed her gratitude for the role offered by Al -Mukalla Radio to the media sector in Hadramout, appreciating their efforts in documenting and monitoring all activities and events taking place in the governorate in all sectors.

On the other side, Mr. Mohammed bin Al -Sheikh Abu Bakr, Deputy Director of Al -Mukalla Radio, expressed his thanks and pride in the gesture offered to Al -Mukalla Radio as a media entity who has been broadcasting for 55 years; stressing that, such an honor gives them the incentive to make more efforts to convey the clear image of all events in the country.

At the end of the meeting, Media Sac participated in the open broadcasting event carried out by Al-Mukalla Radio on the occasion of the World Day of Radio. The meeting attended by Saba Al -Amoudi, Projects Officer and Mona Al -Mashjari, Communication Officer at Media Sac


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