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About Gender Newsroom

Equality between males and females is a fundamental issue for achieving sustainable development. Without the full involvement of women, peace and sustainable development cannot be achieved. Even before the war, Yemen had always occupied the last ranks in development indicators, including the gender gap index in the World Economic Forum. This reflects the deep inequality that is inherent in the country. Women still face high rates of underage marriage, illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. The representation of women in the media and public debates is still a marginal and incidental issue. Decision-makers in Yemen are mostly men, and they also represent the main sources of information and are responsible for setting policies, planning and budgeting.

The lack of women’s representation in the media field has led to the absence of women’s stories and perspectives. Most of the local media institutions are run by men, in addition, women represent a small part of the number of journalists.

Yemen Gender Newsroom

The Yemen Gender Newsroom aims to enhance women’s participation and deliver their voices and perspectives in public debates as well as inform and engage the public on women’s issues. It also seeks to promote the production of media content that revolves around women’s affairs and rights. So that women’s stories are not limited to the traditional role of child-rearing, agriculture, domestic work or humanitarian assistance. The Yemen Gender Newsroom aims to support the creation of content that includes women’s issues and their broad inclusion in every aspect of life such as politics, economics, war and peace negotiations.


Content Creation / Content Production


What kind of content can be produced?

Content can be produced in print, audio or visual form, such as an electronic article, flash, radio program, video, photos or information, data journalism, “infographic” or any press template.

Where will the content be posted?

A journalist must have a media platform through which he/ she can publish the content he/ she produces. The Gender Newsroom will also have a Facebook and WhatsApp group page on which newsroom sponsored content will be aggregated and disseminated on other platforms.

Who is the gender newsroom advisor?

The trainer is an experienced journalist with extensive experience in media production. Her role is the online supporting and guiding to the journalist in producing content, from the idea stage to the final production and publication of the story.

How does a gender newsroom work?

Any journalist can suggest stories to the newsroom provided that they are related to women’s rights and affairs or are from a women’s perspective. If the story is agreed upon, the journalist will work online with the newsroom trainer to achieve it. The trainer will support the journalist in producing the content and ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Who can apply to participate in the gender newsroom?

Although the project primarily targets female journalists, any male or female journalist can apply to the Gender Newsroom. Male journalists can present their stories to the newsroom as long as they relate to women’s rights and issues.

Will journalists get paid for their stories?

Journalists get paid for their work once a story is approved and published, and the amount depends on the type of content produced.

To submit a participation request

Or if you have any inquiry, you can contact the helpline by phone or via WhatsApp at the number


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