Women Economic Empowerment in Yemen

Media Sac for Media and Development, in cooperation with the Sawaed Watan for Development, carried out a panel discussion entitled (The Reality of Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Liberated Governorates and the Role of Media in Transmitting Suffering).

The panel discussion, which included 15 women entrepreneurs from three governorates (Hadhramaut, Aden and Taiz), discussed three main themes, the problems and challenges of women entrepreneurs in the liberated governorates, customs and traditions and their impact on the continuity of the project, the role of the media in highlighting the challenges of women entrepreneurs.

The panel discussion aimed to discuss the most important problems and challenges facing women entrepreneurs, economically and socially. It also aimed to discuss customs and traditions and their negative impact on the continuity of the project, and to measure media intervention in highlighting the pioneering women in their businesses and conveying their suffering.

The discussion came out with several recommendations, including raising awareness of the importance of the role of women in the economic aspect, following up on projects that face difficulties and challenges that may lead to work being stopped and helping them to continue. The attendees also stressed the need for parents to support women and help them overcome the difficulties and challenges they face from society.

As for the role of the media in highlighting the challenges of female entrepreneurs, the attendees recommended the need to focus on personal marketing of projects by the female entrepreneurs themselves, and the need to highlight examples of successful projects and the most important difficulties and challenges faced by women.

This panel discussion comes within Media Sac’s work areas in terms of protection and gender, and within its objectives of contributing to empowering women’s capabilities in the media.


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